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Canada Hops Market - Your Source for Canada-grown hops


Isn’t beer better when it’s local?

Across Canada, hop growers are planting roots and growing their businesses. 

The Canada Hop Market is your source for Canada-grown hops. Canada Hop Market connects craft brewers and home brewers with hop growers from across Canada, to sell their hops.

Hop growers, and only hop growers, can create profiles to sell their locally grown hops.

Buyers can search for hops by cultivar, crop year, and province of origin, and can rest assured that the hops they are purchasing are grown by Canadian hop farms.


Who manages the Canada Hop Market?


The Hops Market is created and managed by the Ontario Hop Growers' Association.  To help cover the cost of maintaining and managing the Canada Hop Market, a small administration fee is deducted from every sale made through the exchange.

Members of the Ontario Hop Growers’ Association are charged a reduced fee.